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Elite Technologies Building
118 E. Collins Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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* News 4/20/21 * has moved to a new physical location. We are now in the Elite Technologies building at 118 E Collins Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825.

Remote service! We can fix most computer problems from anywhere.
Even if you are on vacation half way across the world - With an internet connection, we can help!

Instant Housecall Remote Support Software


Fake web pages popping up saying you are infected are at an all-time high. Many of these pages will also have audio saying that your computer will be 'blocked'. Rest assured these are just scams, most of which originate outside of the United States.

Many times you can simply restart your computer and the message will go away.

Also, many people are getting called by scammers saying your computer has a problem. Please just hang up on them. These are the same scammers who are running the fake web page pop-ups.

We recommend using the Firefox web browser with an add-on called uBlock. As these pages are almost always caused by a malformed advertisement this will help protect you.

We also want to inform our customers to use caution when clicking links while on Facebook. Most of our customers bringing in infected computers for repair got infected this way. With Facebook being the third most visited website in the world you can be sure every online scammer is on there. Because of this and other online threats we recommend the use of Malwarebytes. This product is used along with your current antivirus and is sold at our store or available online. Click the image below for more information.

Welcome to - Fort Wayne, Indiana. We build and sell customized Desktop and Notebook computers. We repair all makes and models of personal computers including Apple (Mac) computers. We also build custom computers to meet any need, business or personal. The desktop computers built by us carry a two year parts and labor warranty (Twice that of any 'Big Brand Computer').

Our New Systems Feature:
  • Two Year Parts & Labor Warranty on our custom built desktop computers.
    For laptops (Notebooks) we have been selling mostly GIGABYTE, MSI, and ASUS units - as we don't see them in service as much as others.

  • Local Customer Service - Easy to understand technical help without the long hold times to speak with people in foreign countries.

  • Intel and AMD Processors (Cyrix not Available - Since 1996)

  • Low latency; high quality; lifetime warranty memory (RAM)

  • We mainly use GIGABYTE motherboards, also MSI and ASUS for our desktop builds (3 year warranty!).

Our Service Features:

  • We service all computer makes and models; Mac (Apple, Macintosh), IBM compatible PC, Server, or Workstation.

  • Front door service. Pull right up to the door, we can come out to carry your computer in, and we always carry it out for you.

  • Business services are available. Onsite rate is charged hourly at $95 per hour.

  • Fast service; We will get your computer fixed fast as possible and done right the first time. Most repairs take two to three business days using regular service. Expedited (next business day) adds $75 while same day adds $145.00. Both expedited and same day need to be in by 11:00a.m. to be done by 5:00p.m. depending on the speed you choose.

  • Your data is secure; we have comprehensive methods of data backup and data recovery. Accidentally delete some files or format your drive? Is your drive clicking or computer giving you the "Insert System Disk" error? We can help!
118 E. Collins Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday 10AM to 6PM | Closed Weekends

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